Ya disponible Fedora 18

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Fedora se encuentra ya disponible en su version 18 para que lo descarguen hay diversas alternativas aca
Aca tienen un listado de las nuevas caracteristicas
Asi que ha disfrutarlo!


lo acabe de bajar, en la

Imagen de falcom

lo acabe de bajar, en la tarde lo pruebo en mi super workstation (con hd sd, 16 gb ram y nvidia quadro 2 gb) para ver, me parece interesante esto.
[quote]Fedora should be able to be used on an Active Directory domain (or other kerberos realms, such as IPA) out of the box. It should be easy to configure domain logins on a Fedora machine, and then it should be intuitive and uneventful to login with those credentials.[/quote]
[quote]Eucalyptus is a cloud computing software platform for on-premise (private) Infrastructure as a Service clouds. It uses existing infrastructure to create scalable and secure AWS-compatible cloud resources for compute, network and storage.[/quote]
[quote]MATE Desktop is based on GNOME 2 and provides an intuitive and attractive desktop to Linux users who seek a simple, easy to use traditional interface.[/quote]
[quote]Offline Updates using systemd and PackageKit Make updating of system components more reliable by doing it in an minimal, controlled environment.[/quote]
para kvm con libvirt
[quote]Virt Guest Suspend/Hibernate support Linux guests don't do S3/S4 properly right now due to missing functionality in the virtio layer to save state before hibernation and restore it after resume. The plan is to extend virtio and individual virtio drivers to handle hibernation, as well as userspace components like libvirt + qemu to enable everything.[/quote]
[quote]Virt Live Snapshots Live snapshots allow a user to take a snapshot of a virtual machine while the guest is running, thus preserving the state and data of a VM at a specific point in time.[/quote]